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Yelp Review 12/9/17

Patient: Heather B.             

"I have been a patient of Dr. Ebroon for several years, but I can still remember the first time he shook my hand and greeted me with that warm smile.

I had not seen an eye doctor in years so I forced myself to finally be proactive and get the dreaded "eye checkup" over and done with. Growing up, going to the eye-doctor was always worse for me somehow than going to the dentist. I hated it.

When meetimg a doctor for the first time - sitting in a small room waiting for that dreaded door to open, imagining what kind of person will walk through - is a stressful situation, even for the most serene of us. Some (like myself) get more worked up. It's because of this anxiety that I can remember how quickly it subsided! I immediately sensed Dr. Ebroon's enthusiasm for his work and his genuine concern for his patient - me.

He listens. He explains thoroughly the what, why and how, as well as the pros and cons, of any test or treatment. And he does this all without sounding like he's talking down to you. He is brilliant. Just glance at his wall - you'll see where he's gone to school, his awards, and the depth of his education.

After my fist exam he determined that I had a severe case of chronic dry eye. He performed the most conservative treatments before we decided on a more permanent solution. My sight has improved as a result, and my eyes are actually blue again. I thought I was just supposed to live with the scratchy, bloodshot eyes! I will always have flare ups, but I now know what to do to minimize them.

Also, Dr. Ebroon is just cool. For instance, he doesn't care if you accidentally let one (or a few!) four letter words escape when you feel pain. I was embarrassed when I couldn't hold my tongue as I was getting a numbing shot. He laughed it off and said not to worry, that he'd heard it all.  (Don't let this scare you, lol. He's not one for torturing poor souls. I was just very unfortunate in that the shot had to go under my eyelid... No way around that.)

As far as cosmetic procedures.... he's better than anyone I have seen so far for administering botox and fillers. He is a true artist, and nothing looks unnatural. I am amazed when I get to my car and look at his work in the rearview mirror, under full sunlight.

I cannot forget the staff! I have only been to the Thousand Oaks office. But everytime I am greeted quickly with EYE CONTACT (no pun intended, lol) and a smile. And never once have I felt like I was just another body standing between them and going home. Many offices that are comprised of several doctors unfortunately lose that personable appeal that an individual doctor office usually has. But they make it work somehow at Conejo Simi Eye. The wait time is usually about twenty minutes. If it ever runs over, Dr. Ebroon will express his gratitude for your patience. I see him at the very end of his day, so it is expected that some patients before me were late, or that an appointment ran over for unforeseen reasons, thus throwing the time off a bit. However, I know that when I see him he will never rush through the appointment just to play catch up.

I would rather wait a little longer knowing that when I do see him it will feel like I am his only patient."



Yelp Five Star Online Review

Patient: Bonnie B.             

"Dr. Ebroon is the best!  
He did a great job on my eyelid surgery and I am very happy with the results.
 His whole staff is wonderful and I would highly recommend him to anyone."



Yelp Five Star Online Review

Patient: Debra Zuniga             

"I had a serious eye infection, because of another doctors mistakes.  A friend told me about Dr Ebroon and advised me to see him. I called to schedule an appointment in his Ventura office.  When I arrived I was immediately greeted by the receptionist. When I met Dr Ebroon, he made me feel very comfortable.  He checked my eyes  and explained my situation and let me know it was a step by step process and that he wanted to make sure that I understood the process.  I asked him questions and he answered them in a manner that I could understand. I was not rushed at  all. I feel comfortable with him and his staff. They all make you feel that you are important to them and they want you to know that. He operated on my eye to correct the problem and I am very happy with the outcome.  I would highly recommend him and have referred friends and family to him.  If you're looking for an exceptional ophthalmologist or for blepharoplasty (he did an exceptional job on my friend), then he is the doctor you definitely want to see."



Google Five Star Online Review

Patient: Murray Lieber

"dr. ebroon is a great doctor. He has a very affable and outgoing attitude. His hands are very steady, secure and sensitive to the needs of the patient.he takes a personal interest in his patients.I feel secure and trust him in his diagnosis and treatment . I would highly recommend him as a warm and personal treatment provider."



Google Online Review

Lauren Wiggins

After visiting Dr. Ebroon in December, I realized how the doctors are fantastic at Miramar Eye Medical Group. He was so thorough and did everything he could. I had to treat the spasm in my left eye. The employees were friendly and porfessional. I would highly recommend this office!


Angies List. Online Review

Spencer Johnson

Approx. Appointment Date:  November 12, 2012
Use this Provider Again: 

Description of Experience: 
Met Dr. Ebroon due to continued problems with multiple stys on one eye.  I had seen him a month earlier and he removed a couple previously.  He also put me on meds to prevent this from happening again.  Thus, he saw me and performed eye-lid surgery in the same visit making it very convenient.
Member Comments: 
The procedure went very well.  Dr. Ebroon worked hard to minimize the paid of eyelid surgery and his nurse assistant was very supportive before and after the procedure.  Dr. Ebroon spent about an hour in prep and then removing several stys that developed during the previous month.  They have not returned and he provided me a course of treatment to help prevent new ones in the future.  He listed carefully to my concerns as I metabolize anesthetics very quickly.  He made me comfortable and informed throughout the procedure.  So far, so good after 4 months.  He just started taking Blue Cross/Anthem so that also helped.


Angies List. Online Review

Brian Briggs

Approx. Appointment Date: 
April 02, 2013

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Description of Experience: 
I used Dr. Ebroon for consultation.
Member Comments: 
I have not yet followed through with the actual physical surgery.  I went through other complications and the other people that I went to were horrible.  When I went to him, he and his staff were very comforting and patient.  When I had additional questions half an hour later, he spent some time to come into the other office and talk to me again.  He listened and was calm with me; some doctors just behave like they know what they are doing and so forth.  I will definitely go back to him.


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Ebroon. The staff were friendly and Dr. Ebroon did a great job at making me feel comfortable the entire time.
Thank you!
I highly recommend Dr. Ebroon!

Yosef Muchnik





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